Regular pressure and wearing on the teeth keep the underlying bone tissue healthy. When a tooth is lost or underutilized, it can cause the underlying jaw bone to recede and disappear. This can undermine restoration procedures by our oral surgeons, interfere with eating and speaking, distort the shape of the face, cause oral pain and even loosen remaining teeth.

Many different factors can cause the jaw bone to deteriorate, including:

  • Tooth Loss or Removal

Without a tooth anchored in the alveolar bone, this portion of the jaw can start to recede.

  • Restorative Prosthetics and Appliances

While unanchored dentures and bridges restore the appearance and function of the teeth, they do not provide enough pressure and stimulation to the underlying jawbone. This can result in bone loss.

  • Dental Injury and Trauma

Jaw fractures or teeth that have been knocked out can compromise bone structure and cause osseous tissue to recede.

  • Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Gum disease, left untreated, can spread from gum tissue and dentin and affecting the bone structure.

  • Osteomyelitis

Osteomyelitis is a condition in which jaw bone tissue becomes infected.

  • Tumor Growth

Tumors may require removal, affecting the shape and strength of the jaw bone.

  • Developmental Deformities

Various conditions may stop the growth of dental and maxillofacial tissue, including parts of the jaw.

  • Hyperneumatized Sinus

A “hyperneumatized sinus” may occur in the top back molars are lost and bone reabsorption opens up the sinus area.

  • Misaligned Teeth

An uneven bite puts uneven pressure across the dental arches, which may result in under-stimulation and bone loss.

Dr. Jiries Mogannam, Dr. Vicente Chavez and Dr. Christopher Chow may use bone grafting to restore tissue, along with other oral and restorative procedures. Learn more about jawbone loss in Santa Rosa, California, and reach out to Sonoma County Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center at 707-566-7300.

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