The health of your teeth can have a great affect on the health of your body. If you are missing a tooth, it can affect your bite, speech and your eating choices. The rest of your teeth will often experience increased wear as they take on the work of the missing too. You may also find yourself experiencing headaches and jaw pain.

When you are missing teeth, your appearance and health will begin to deteriorate. Within the first year after losing a tooth, you will lose around 25% of the mass in the structure of the jawbone that was supporting it. Dental implants are a great tooth replacement option because they help to maintain your bone structure, oral health and your appearance. They will function and appear like your natural teeth, and they are most easily placed when you tooth is first extracted. Please contact our oral surgeons in Santa Rosa, California, at 707-566-7300, and we will help you make the best choice, based on your needs, for tooth replacement.

Tooth Replacement Options

Dr. Jiries Mogannam, Dr. Vicente Chavez and Dr. Christopher Chow can offer a variety of options if you are missing one or more teeth and are unsatisfied with traditional dentures. It does not matter what age you are, but if you do have a history of smoking, diseases like diabetes and radiation therapy around your jaw, you may have a lower chance of your dental implant placement being successful. When you come to Sonoma County Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center, we will take x-rays of your jaw in order to determine how we can best provide you with dental implants. We may also need to take more detailed, 3D x-rays in order to evaluate if there are other procedures necessary in order to ensure the success of your implants. Some of the treatment options available to replace missing teeth include:

Fixed Bridge

This restoration is made up of multiple replacement teeth connected together. Your fixed bridge will be attached to the top of the teeth that are adjacent to the gap that is being filled. When this happens the protective outer layer of these teeth is usually ground down or removed before the bridge is attached.


This type of restoration is an inexpensive solution where a plastic tooth is held in place with a plastic retainer. Flippers are only used as a temporary restoration.

Metal Partial

This removable partial denture is a sturdier option for replacing missing teeth. It is made up of metal and plastic and held in place with wires and clips.

Dentures are the most common solution for people who are missing all of their teeth in one or both of their jaws. Some people with dentures become comfortable with them, but many people find them to be extremely uncomfortable due to differences in the size and shape of their jaw.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most permanent solution available and many of our patients find them to be the most comfortable. They help to keep your jaw strong and healthy, and they create a stable foundation for your replacement teeth. Implants can be used to support a variety of replacement including individual crowns and specialized dentures.

One of the benefits to this treatment over bridges is that none of your healthy remaining teeth are damaged to place your implants. Another is that implants are a stable, attractive and comfortable replacement that can last you for a lifetime.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Implants do not require any damage to be done to any of the surrounding teeth and they do not slip. These are only two of the reasons that we may recommend dental implants

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